Bill Lester 


Bill Lester is living history. He is a member of a rare group of African Americans who have raced in the NASCAR Cup series.

Formally trained as an electrical engineer and computer scientist, Bill spent 15 years working for the Hewlett-Packard Company. But he left the high-tech industry in order to commit to his childhood dream of becoming a professional race car driver. By believing in himself and taking the necessary risks, at the age of 40, Bill became an auto racing pioneer.

His professional racing career lasted over a decade at the top levels of the sport. Bill’s unique story outlines a road less traveled and is an inspiration to all who hear it. He enjoys sharing his proven practices for success with the goal of motivating others to live their best life.

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Bill Will be Driving the #95 Chevrolet Silverado Sponsored by the South African Emporium for Lekker Products.  

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