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#96 Tyler Daniels

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About Tyler

Tyler is a young man from western New York. Tyler races go karts in real life and has been a very successful driver, turning that skill over to being a great Iracing driver. Despite having autism, Tyler is an inspiration to many younger drivers that look up to him through his accomplishments. 

Getting Started

The online gaming community can be a very uneasy place to be if you are different or have computer problems. A Tyler Daniels Racing Group was formed when Tyler was having issues in the Iracing community due to internet problems. A group of new, as well as veteran Iracing drivers banded together around Tyler to form this group to give Tyler a place to race without being verbally abused or taken advantage of on the track. Tyler is apart of BP Racing for Autism in the #96 "Over the Top" Designs Chevrolet.


While not being without some growing pains TDR has grown from a small group of Iraces to one of the fastest growing Iracing communities in the game. As TDR continues to grow, new leagues are formed and new friendships happen. This growing family has a lot to look forward to. 

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