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iRacing to Support Autism Awareness





BP Racing is dedicated to provide Opportunities for people with Autism, and other developmental disabilities have the same access and chances as people without disabilities.

Not Just our “Vision”, Our Mission!!

How do we work?

We provide volunteer activities to people with disabilities to work along side volunteer mechanics to and other drivers to learn mechanical skills, or even driving a actual stock car in competition.  We train individuals in either track through our program.  Our funding comes from support from The Buddy Project, and other Sponsors.  We work as a typical race team in those ways.

How did we become in existence:

Eric D. Zimmerman, Founder and Technical Director of The Buddy Project “Hence the name BP Racing, Although we are separate entities” has a strong passion for racing.  Eric grew up with a disability that no much was known about, “High Functioning Autism”, and because of this and his parents finances, as well as where he grew up, there were no opportunities for him to start racing.  It was not until the age of 28 when he decided he could go racing with the help of some friends and volunteers of The Buddy Project. 

Why BP Racing for Autism:

Eric strives to provide opportunities that were not available to him as a child, to other preteen and teens that are growing up today and have a interest in racing.  Also, Eric strives to make this program a socializing program for people to meet new friends as well as draw new fans and drivers into the sport of Stock Car Racing. 

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